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Turned away and guess who has my half corn! Sneaky baby.
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This monster only wanted to sleep on my side of the bed and not hers. Stingy booty. She’s nappung away to get better from the nasty cold she has.
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I got nominated to pick 5 photos that makes you feel beautiful about yourself. So pick your 5 favorite photos and tag 5 people. @beautyofsimplicity @tyher0314 @livingeverymoment_simplyme @lvang08 @itscfang
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Nawing on cucumber. Cute thing.
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My girl @jaclynhill !#jaclynhillgiveaway
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@jaclynhill  #jaclynhillgiveaway <3
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She feel asleep while i was holding her, lol.
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My amazing girl is doing a giveaway to all her fans and followers. If you aren’t followung her in any of her social medias, you should stop what your doing and start following her and her blog! She is hilarious! @jaclynhill #jaclynhillgiveaway
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@jaclynhill is the most amazing person ever. She truly is awesome! Love this girl! So funny and hilarious! A sister from another mother! Thanks to you, I learned how to apply makeup! I love you and do happy on your great successes. Hope for many more to come!! #jaclynhillgiveaway #beautifulsoul
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At the farm and cooking a sweat.
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Rocking a very ;natural makeup look today! Doing some errands and then later a movie night with the two Mains :)
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My chubby girl watching Journey to the West.
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